I Finally Bought a Nintendo DS!

I was really unimpressed when I first saw these at the beginning of 2005. Side by side with the Sony PSP, there was no contest and I imported a Japanese PSP in Feb 2005. The original DS was so ugly – it looked like it had been designed in the dark. Add to that the lower specs. compared to the PSP and I really couldn’t see myself buying one. Then along came the DS Lite.

DS Lite

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Lunchtime Trip to Greenwich

Last Saturday I was working at my office in Canary Wharf – I found myself with three hours spare in the middle of the day so decided on a trip over to Greenwich to visit the Maritime Museum and Observatory.


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Headphone Review

My trusty old headphones recently started to act up – a loose connection somewhere. Time to find a replacement!

My quest to find the perfect headphone has been a long one – I commute on the train for 2-3 hours everyday and listen to music during the journey

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