Lunchtime Trip to Greenwich

Last Saturday I was working at my office in Canary Wharf – I found myself with three hours spare in the middle of the day so decided on a trip over to Greenwich to visit the Maritime Museum and Observatory.


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I hadn’t been there since the mid 1970’s and I had been meaning to revisit ever since I started working over a Canary Wharf a year ago.

The picture was taken on my camera phone (hence the poor quality) and shows my office (next to the Canary Wharf tower) taken from the top of the hill in Greenwich Park.

Both the Museum and Observatory are free to enter and are well worth the trip. There is lots to see and my only complaint would be that they are a bit disjointed – they could both do with a better guide leaflet showing you a route through the buildings – I’m sure I missed as much as I saw.

As well as the two buildings the park is very nice and you get some spectacular views from the top of the hill.

A bit of a surprise was how few people were there – It was a bright winters days but neither place was very crowded.

Next time I am in a similar position, with a few hours to spare, I think I’ll try and get over to the Natural History and Science Museums.

Below – Obligatory picture of Prime Meridian

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