Natural History Museum

After my visit to to the Science Museum two weeks ago, I followed it up with a visit to it’s neighbour, the Natural History Museum.

Natual History Museum

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The first thing you notice is how much busier it is than the Science Museum. I arrived shortly after opening time at around 10:15 and had to queue for about 15 minutes. Not that this was a bad thing as it allowed plenty of time to admire the magnificent architecture of the building.

It a beautiful building and the more you look at it, the more you notice,

There is a different animal, carved in stone, in each window and more along the roof:

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Inside – It’s very well laid out – you follow well defined routes that zig-zag around the halls ensuring you see everything without having to double-back on yourself. In some places, they have taken advantage of the high ceiling to provide overhead walkways that lead you down a descending path around the exhibits. The best of these is the Dinosaur hall where the overhead walkway takes you to a full size moving T-REX.


Good though it is, in the end it’s a collection of stuffed animals and, for me, it’s no where as good as the Science Museum – I think it’s more to do with my age though – I’m sure and children will enjoy it.

Of course, like the Science Museum, entry is free.