Yorkshire – Day 6, Still Sunny and a Little Ottar

Whistle-stop tour today to get in some of the smaller places while the weather holds out. So far it’s been sunny everyday and I managed to avoid the areas where there has been rain. First Robin Hood’s Bay again.

Robin Hood's Bay

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This time, I visited the lower town – the tide was in but I managed to get some good pictures.

Robin Hood's Bay

Then along the coast a few miles the the neighbouring village of Ravenscar. There are great views back towards Robin Hood’s Bay.


Next stop – Scarborough, Sea World. Having recently visited the one in Brighton, this could have been a bit of waste – but fortunately this was not the case.


Not just fish – but Seals, Penguins and Ottars too.


Then two castles, Helmsey & Pickering.


Then I headed back to base, but on the way I passed the Hole of Horcum – A deep gorge next to the A169


I’ve been in Yorkshire 6 days now – and this was my first trip across the moors – They are not at all what I was expecting – I had imagined a quite flat and bland landscape. I wasn’t prepared for all the deeps gorges – quite spectacular