Yorkshire – Day 7, Sunset Now!

Last day of this short Holiday and the first one where it’s not been sunny when I got up in the morning. Still, 6/7 sunny days in early May is more than I had hoped for.

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Two new destinations today – Staithes & Saltburn. Staithes is a small harbour at the bottom of steep hill – just a few miles north of Whitby – not really much to see.

Saltburn-on-sea’s only real attraction is the long sandy beach – which is not of much interest when there is no Sun. It’s got a pier, but it’s a bit of a joke. I finished the day back in Whitby, buying a few souvenirs.

The rain managed to hold off and by the evening the Sun had even managed to break through the clouds.

Now it’s time to pack and prepare for the drive home tomorrow.

Overall, my impression of this part of Yorkshire, after my first visit is a bit mixed. It is undoubtedly a beautiful part of the country but it’s not in the same league as somewhere like Cornwall or Wales. I had a very enjoyable week – but I won’t be in a hurry to make a return visit.