Sony RHT-G800 Theatre Stand System Review

I been living with the stand for a little over a week so I thought it was time to post a review. It’s an all in one A/V Amp and stand with 7 speakers built in which are configured to create a full surround sound field.


Starting with delivery – be prepared – it comes fully assembled in one box. This is very heavy (59 kilos) and very large – the box is about 50% bigger than the unit. Aside from putting the glass top on and setting the height for the adjustable shelf – it is ready to go, right out of the box.

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Damn Cyclists!

I’ve just endured the annual trial which is the London to Brighton Cycle invasion. Each year I am trapped by inconsiderate neanderthal cyclists, as the route passes by my front door from 07:00 to 17:00
I’m not going to rant here – only say that if these people want to raise money for charity, they would be doing us all a favour if they just sold the bikes and donated the proceeds!


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I’ve Joined the World of HD

After a few years waiting for the technology to mature a bit, I’ve finally taken the plunge and purchased an HDTV, and new Surround Theatre System and a HD-DVD drive.


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