Two Saints

A very misty start to the day so headed north in search of clearer weather. St. Michael’s Mount was the first stop – it was low tide so the causeway was exposed.

st michael's mount

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I’ve been there before, but this was the first time the gardens had been open, so rather than a visit to the house at the summit, I toured the gardens instead.


They are very sheltered on one side of the island and as a result, there are lots of exotic specimens you don’t usually see – Recommended – but check the opening times.By the time we had finished in the gardens the tide had started to come in and the causeway was under water – so a paddle back to the mainland was necessary – it was only calf deep but the beach is very flat and the tide comes in very fast – by the time we were back on shore, it was already thigh deep and a crossing on foot was no longer possible (no one is stranded – there is a boat service to the mainland)The mist had caught up to us at this point, but the beauty of Cornwall is that is it is so narrow, you can easily switch sides changing from the English Channel, to the Atlantic, in 10 miles. As is often the case – the weather on the north coast was completely different and, although a bit cloudy, the sun was shining.After an extended nightmare attempting to find somewhere to park – we ended up in St. Ives.

st. ives

St.Ives is a nice town – spoilt only by it’s popularity – the streets were every crowded and we weren’t even visiting in peek season.