Where has all the Daddies Sauce gone?

DSC_0015.JPG It’s been three months since I last saw it on the shelves! The brown variety is far superior to the other main brand and the red too, is much better than Heinz. So why can’t I buy it? I’ve tried all the supermarket chains (Not just the local ones – I was also on the lookout during my recent holiday).

Botallack Mine & Porth Curno

It was back to Levant today, but this time I headed west towards Cape Cornwall to the Botallack Mine.


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SatNav Thrill Ride

Set off to Falmouth on the usual route and quickly hit some slow farm traffic. I knew that the major roads were not the most direct route so I hit (for the first time) the “Detour” button on the SatNav.
This immediately diverted me onto some lesser roads and it was not long before it was telling to turn onto roads I would never normally consider.

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Beach Day

Started the day at Gunwalloe, on the beach at Church Cove. After a few hours soaking up the rays, moved on to the Penrose Estate where there are walks around the lakes created by the Loe Bar.

DSC_0001.JPG DSC_0031.JPG

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Going Underground

This is how the day greeted me this morning.
I thought I’d been to most of the gardens in the area, but today I visited Trengwainton.

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Return to Eden

It’s been over a two years since my last visit to the Eden Project. The main change, as expected, was the addition of the Core – a worthy contribution to the site.


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Lizard’s Tale

Final Holiday of the year (number 4) and it’s back to the Lizard again – same place as I went to in July, but this time with a much better view. In fact I can watch the sun rise over the sea from my bed.
Kennack Sands

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