SatNav Thrill Ride

Set off to Falmouth on the usual route and quickly hit some slow farm traffic. I knew that the major roads were not the most direct route so I hit (for the first time) the “Detour” button on the SatNav.
This immediately diverted me onto some lesser roads and it was not long before it was telling to turn onto roads I would never normally consider.

Soon I was directed down the narrowest roads I have ever driven on – so narrow, that it I were to have broken down, I would have been trapped as it would have been impossible to open the doors!. I was very fortunate not to meet anything coming the other way as there were no places to pass – the only option would have been to reverse a couple of miles!. Anyway I made it to Falmouth, and in good time. Last time I was there, I took the boat trip up the Helford river and along to Frenchman’s Creek. Not the most interesting route but a nice way to spend a few hours. This time I took a boat up the river Fal to Truro.

This was a much more interesting trip and the best way to see Truro. The entire round trip took nearly three hours with only a 15 minute stop in Truro – I only narrowly avoided a ticket for overstaying in the car park.
Next I visited the National Maritime Museum – it never looked that big from the outside and it was not bigger inside. It’s not bad but it will only keep you occupied for about half an hour, which makes the ??7.50 entry seem a little steep. The view from the tower’s not that bad.