Have Apple Abandoned the Apple TV?

atvIt’s been six months since the one and only upgrade to the Apple TV – since then it seems to have been sidelined by Apple.First we had the release of iLife ’08 which introduced “Events” as a better way of organising your photos. Unfortunately there was no corresponding update to allow Apple TV to support Events, so we are stuck with using the old Album system. Next, the latest version of iTunes – I know it’s only a few weeks old but you would have though Apple Inc. would have done some testing with the Apple TV. It loses it’s association to the Apple TV and the only cure appears to be a factory reset.We know that the Apple TV is a powerful piece of kit and it is really surprising they have done so little to enhance it’s value. I get more functionality out of my Sky Satellite box.So what can be done to improve the Apple TV?

  1. Support IPhoto ’08 Events
  2. Support all popular codecs (not just MP4)
  3. Enable USB port to allow the connection of an external HD etc.
  4. Perhaps some simple games
  5. Make more content available