Iron Bridge & Unfinished Business

Day one of my Spring Break 2008. This year I’m back in Wales and on the way I stopped off at the Ironbridge Gorge.

On my last trip to North Wales in 2006 there were a number of places that were too far away or that I ran out of time to visit. This trip is to make up for that.

On the way, a natural stop off point is the Ironbridge Gorge and it’s many attractions and Museums.

First stop was the Blists Hill Victorian Town.

This is very well done – it could so easily be very tacky, but it isn’t – all the staff are dressed in Victorian Clothing and keep in character the whole time. My biggest gripe – they are in the middle of some pretty major renovation work – about a quarter of the site is inaccessible and the look of the remaining areas is blighted by all the modern building equipment a hoardings – it undermines the whole “Victorian feel”. This seems to be made worse by a decision to undertake all the works at once – the leaflet guide indicates that the original plan was to do the work in two stages, one after the other.

Next up, the Coleport China Museum and Tar Tunnel. Separated by a short walk along the banks of the River Severn – they are a pleasant way to spend an hour.

Finally, the Iron Bridge. Once again building work spoils the trip – there is only limited parking and this is further reduced by market stalls and the storage of heavy machinery. Still well worth a look (even if it is a lot smaller than I had imagined.)

Finally I arrived at my destination and base for the next week – a Caravan nestled in a valley in the shadow of Mount Snowdon. It a nice well kept site complete with many facilities including, it’s own lake.