Royal Fail

I am getting extremely fed up with the standard of service offered by the Royal Mail.  Not so long ago if an item was posted first class, there was a good chance you would received by 9 am the following day, mid-day at the latest. Worst case you would receive it in the afternoon second delivery. If the item was too big for the letterbox, your postman would leave it in a sensible safe place.

Not any more.

The reality in 2008, is that the service is too unreliable.

Deliveries are once a day – instead of two.

Delivery time is different every day – anything from 08:00 to 17:00 – mostly post 12 noon.

First class can take up to a week to arrive – my experience of the last month is an average of three days after posting

In the past, when you were expecting a bulky item, you would have a good idea when it would be delivered so you could make sure you were available it accept the delivery – nowadays if you do try to do this you are basically imprisoning yourself in you home for a number of days whilst you wait on the whim of the Royal Mail to make the delivery.