Cornwall Again

Showing a total lack of imagination, I’m back in Cornwall for another holiday. I’m a firm believer in making every day count, so on the way down, I stopped off at Stourhead.

Lake at Stourhead seen from the Grotto

I’d seen a program on Stourhead on one of the Sky TV channels and it looked like a perfect place to stop off. A walk around the lake took 2 hours and there were lots of interesting things to see along the way – these included, several follies, the most famous of which is the temple to Apollo.

Temple to Apollo, Stourhead

Unfortunately, here was not enough time to take in the house too.

So anyway – 12 hours after leaving home – I arrived at my base for the next 7 days – a caravan on the cliffs overlooking Kennack Sands – Now I just have to hope for some good weather so I can spend the day on the beach tomorrow.