Around Windermere

Last day of the Holiday so I tried to fit in as much as possible without driving too far.

First stop – Tarn Hows (again) – I didn’t have time for the full circuit on the last visit so this was a chance to put that right. There’s not much to say except it’s a very picturesque and easy walk- there are benches placed at each strategic view point. Then moved on to the next destination.

Tarn Hows

Hawkeshead – the quintessential Lake District village – I guess the best description, is quaint – It’s small village with a with pubs, gift shops and many outdoor clothing shops – Had a pleasant lunch in the Kings Arms and then moved on to the next destination.


Then a bit further down the western side of Windermere – the Bobbin Museum – not as boring as it sounds and in fact it’s a scheduled ancient monument. You get a guided tour around the factory which, although it closed in the early 1970’s, it had mostly not been modernised since the 19th Century.

Bobbin Musem

A further mile gets you to the Lakeside Aquarium. An above average aquarium on the edge of the Lake.

Lakeside Aquarium

Then around the bottom of Windermere and on the eastern side – Fell Foot Park. This is a park and gardens of the lake side – a low impact way to end the day.

Fell Foot Park