White Scar Caves and Kendal

Witches Head

Took a trip across to the Yorkshire Dales to visit the White Scar Caves – the accessible part extends a mile underground. There are two spectacular underground waterfalls and for much of the time you are walking on a metal walkway suspended over the underground river.

For a couple of stretches, the ceiling is very low and one of these areas is aptly named the “Gorilla Walk”. I managed to knock my hard hat off my head only to see in fall into the river and float off down steam underneath my feet. Fortunately it got stuck a little further down and I was able to recover it.

White Scar Caves

Ended the day in Kendal – a very nice town. It is vibrant and full of good looking Pubs, Restaurants and Tea rooms. It is also not full of the usual high street chains that usually make these places so boring.