Stein’s Way


Last day and an early start 7:30, arrived at Padstow ready for some breakfast at 9:00. I really fancied a Bacon sandwich but despite the endless bakeries – the only thing on offer was Cornish Pasties. In fact the only place that was open and offering breakfast, was Rick Stein’s cafe. With kippers on the menu, all thought of bacon sandwiches was gone – The kipper may look ugly, but it was mighty tasty!

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As I was going….

St Ives

Aghh!, St Ives! After my last visit a few years ago, I really didn’t think I’d come back. It unfortunately suffers from it’s popularity and as a results the streets are packed with people and the roads jammed with cars – it’s really not an enjoyable experience,

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Shetland Ponies Ahead

Ponies Lizard

Day two and the weather is very summery. Parked at Kynance and walked along the coastal path to the Lizard. Along the way met up with some wild and friendly Shetland Ponies.

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Rocky Valley to Bossiney Haven

Rocky Valley

This is a route I haven taken in a while (around 35 years since I last did it). Last time I walked down the valley, it was not long after the floods and it was still looking pretty scared – now it back to it’s former glory.

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The Rout of Boscastle


I arrived at Boscastle on the day the flood defense scheme was officially opened – 4 years after the devastating floods. I’ve continued to visit the village since the flood and up to now it has still looked scared; The scaring has mostly healed and south of the lower Bridge – the location is a nice as ever. North however, I can’t help thinking that Boscastle has lost something.

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The Gurkha Justice Campaign

Please support this campaign by adding your name to the petition.

Despite the recent high court ruling, the battle is not over to allow these people the right to live in the country that they have risked their lives to defend,