Rocky Valley to Bossiney Haven

Rocky Valley

This is a route I haven taken in a while (around 35 years since I last did it). Last time I walked down the valley, it was not long after the floods and it was still looking pretty scared – now it back to it’s former glory.

Rocky Valley

The one change, is that some new age hippies have adopted part of the route next to the ancient stone carvings.

Bossiney Haven

In recent years I have either turned back at the end of the Valley, or turned right towards Boscastle. Today I chose to turn left, towards Bossiney Haven.

This is a bit of a secret beach, inaccessible by road and it completely disappears at high tide.

Ocean Cove

In the past it was enjoyed by the many people using the nearby Ocean Cove caravan park – Unfortunately, that park has been replaced with holiday homes that are used by the few and stand empty much of the time.