Data Centre in my Lounge!

Western Digital MyBooks

I’ve just had to add another disk to meet my ever growing data requirements. This brings the total raw storage in my house to 5TBs.

This doesn’t so much represent a growth in data, but is more an indication of how important the data now is. I actually have less than a 500 GB of actual data – much of which is RAW format photographs. The newest addition to my storage is the wider of the drives in the above picture. This is a Western Digital My Book II containing 2 X 1TB Drives configured as RAID 1 to give 1TB usable space. This is now my primary data store and hopefully has enough space to last a few years.

The other two drives are used for backups of the data drive, my Mac Mini and my Laptop. One drive uses Apples Time Machine, the other a more conventional backup program – presently Apple Backup but I’m trying to find something better.

In addition the data stored on my Laptop is rSync’d to the data drive.

Finally my data (documents and emails) is also backed up off-site to Apple’s MobileMe service and EMC’s Mozy Service.

Ideally I’d like to have off-site copies of my Photos, but with the size of the files – it’s just not practical

Just 10 years ago I was running an OS/2 based network for 100 users – the total server storages was around 5 GBs. It incredible that I now have 1000 times as much storage, just in my own home.

Finally a word of praise for the Western Digital Drives. They are fast, very quiet and reliable – just what I need.