R.I.P. – Haywards Heath Farmer’s Market

In recent years a farmer’s market has tried to gain a foothold in the town – this struggled to find a decent home as in was shoved from car park to car park. In the last year it seemed that things had begun to look up – it found an ideal home in the heart of the town’s Orchards Shopping Centre.

Orchards Shopping Centre

However, it seems that Haywards Heath’s shopkeepers are not ready for some competition and as a result have insisted that some types of trader be banned. They totally missed the point that the market brought people to the shopping centre and as a result of their pettiness, it seems the market is now doomed.

Once upon a time, Haywards Heath had one of the largest markets in the South East – people used to travel from miles away to visit it. Unfortunately, the land was too valuable to “waste” on a market so it was sold to make way for a Sainsburys store.

This week’s market was the first under the new restrictions – there were at most 4 traders. What a shame it seems inevitable that the Farmer’s Market will, like the previous market, soon be just a memory.

The biggest absence was from The Giggly Pig Company who sold the best sausages and bacon I have tasted it a long time.