Conwy & Padarn

Paid a return visit to Conwy today.

Conwy Bridges

The town has a lot of charm and contains one of the best castles in Wales – there are some very high towers that command stunning views.

Conwy Wall

Conwy is a walled town and it’s entertaining watching coaches trying to enter through it’s narrow gates.

After a mediocre lunch of microwaved quiche I headed back to Llanberis and the Padarn Country Park.

This is home to the National Slate Museum and also contains the second biggest lake in Wales.

The Slate Museum is located in an abandoned slate works and is pretty much as it was when the company went under in August 1969

National Slate MuseumNational Slate MuseumNational Slate Museum

It is well worth the visit – which is more that In can say for my final trip of the day.

I had originally planed to walk the 5 mile path around the lake but in view of the weather and time of day, I decided to take the lake cruse instead.

Padarn Lake

Now there was nothing wrong with the boat itself, but the lake is just not that interesting – it’s mostly surrounded by dense woodland. Yes you get great views of Snowdon, but you don’t need to be on the lake to get those.