Newport, Cwm yr Eglwys & The Rainforest Centre

Started off at Newport – which I’ve seen described as being like Tenby. I think they forgot the word “not” as it’s nothing like Tenby.


There is not really anything there for tourists. The sea front is dominated by the Yacht Club on one side of the estuary and the beach on the other side is rather featureless.

So with the absence of a decent beach at Newport, I moved on the Dinas Head and the beach at Cwn yr Eglwys.

Cwn yr Eglwys

This is a very nice beach however, there are no shops, cafes of restaurants so unless you bring your own food and drink, you are going to get hungry and thirsty.

Last stop was the Rainforest Centre (AKA the Butterfly Palace).

Rainforest CentreRainforest Centre
A little hard to find – but worth a visit – the owner gives you a guided tour. As well as butterflies there are stick insects and a colony of Leaf Cutter ants who have a run all around the room.