Around St.Agnes

Last day, and guess what – it’s sunny again!

I have tried to limit the amount of driving I do this holiday and this day is no exception – just a short trip along the coast to Trevaunance Cove.

Trevaunance Cove from Trevellas Combe

Even though it was still early the sun was a little hot to be climbing up the steep cliff paths – I managed though.

After a couple of hours I turned around and took an inland route back to the start. On the way I passed the Blue Hill Tin mines.

Blue Hills Tin Mines

I had last passed this way in 1999 and at that time you could see a lot of the workings from the public footpath. I had always meant to pay a proper visit but for years, I couldn’t remember what the mines were called and where they were. Things have changed and they are now more prepared for visitors – there is now a high fence that means you can’t see anything from the public footpath. For your £5.50 you don’t get an awful lot but I’d still say it was worth it.

After the walk I planned to have a nice meal and a pint in the local pub/restaurant – the place looked pretty empty and I wasn’t too sure it was even open – the person on the reception desk said it was and to take any table and a waitress would serve me. Well I found a table in a prominent position and waited, and waited, and waited. After nearly 10 minutes I gave up and walked out. I then walked down to the cove and decided to settle for a sandwich in the cafe- no luck best they could offer was a rather basic burger. Things really fall apart in these places at the end of the season.

So I ended my final day as I had ended most days this week – on the beach.

Trevaunance Cove  

The tides had been perfect all week but today high tide was at 16:00 forcing a slightly earlier finish to the day – coincidently the sun decided as it had been good all week it would have a early finish and disappeared around 17:00.