Old Man

The week has been leading up to this – the accent of the Coniston Old Man – the highest point in the Furness Fells at 803 metres.

Coniston Old Man

I set out a 08:00 and it’s only 3 miles to the summit, but it took me 4 hours to get there. The route starts off easily enough but soon the path become pretty treacherous, climbing steeply and formed of very loose slate.

Coniston Old Man

Closer to the top, the path becomes less distinct and the way is not always obvious – you need to follow your map carefully or you will easily go astray. There are no way-markers or signs to help you.

The final stretch involves clambering over boulders, but once you reach the summit, the views are spectacular – unfortunately this photo does not do it justice

Coniston viewed from the Old Man

I survived the accent unscathed, however my camera didn’t – it just died half way up and seems to be a lost cause. I had to rely on my iPhone for the photos.

So my Lakes holiday draws to a close – it has been everything I hoped it would be – it was great to leave the car behind at the cottage for 4 out of the 6 days.

Tomorrow I set off on my Holiday to rest from this Holiday – Cornwall here I come.