Dartmouth Castle and Brixham

Started with a trip to Dartmouth Castle – my SatNav decided I needed an unnecessary trip on the car ferry across the the River Dart.

Dartmouth Lower Ferry

The guide books warn that the road to Dartmouth Castle is narrow and that there is limited parking – they are not kidding – I don’t think I would like to try this in the high season. There is only space to park around a dozen cars – as an alternative you catch a boat from the town to the castle.

Dartmouth Castle

After Dartmouth, I headed for lunch in Brixham. When I last visited here, four years ago I ate in a restaurant in the harbour called Shores and had some very good meals. I was pleased to find the place still there and run by the same people so the meal was as good as I had hoped.

Shores Brixham

After the meal spent the time walking around the town an out to the half mile long break water – all very nice.