Lydford Gorge and Finch Foundry

For my mini-break, chose a lodge at the edge of Dartmoor, just a little north of Newton Abbot. As it was a very late booking, I got a great price on a huge three bedroom lodge on the side on a valley – it was very luxurious with high quality fixtures and fittings.

I started the day at Lydford Gorge, on the north east side of Dartmoor – I last visited it 5 years ago and then it was quite an overcast day, so it was great to have sunny weather for this visit.

I started at the visitor’s centre and walked along the one side to the other end of the gorge. This undulating path runs along the top of the gorge with a steep drop to one side. It is very wooded and there are lots of steep climbs to tackle.

Lydford Gorge

At the end of the gorge, you descend to the bottom to reach the Whitelady Waterfall.

Whitelady Waterfall

From here you can take the treacherous path back along the other side of the gorge. This is a very different walk to the other side – for much of the time you are almost at river level but the path is very narrow in place with over hanging rock above and a slick and slippery rock surface below. If it wasn’t for the hand rails you would stand little change of making it.

Lydford Gorge

After Lydford, a short trip through Dartmoor to the Finch Foundry – a working waterwheel powers a Forge, yes “Forge” – despite the name, apparently there is no evidence that it has every been a foundry.

Finch Foundry