Fuller’s Fine Ale Club Tenth Anniversary

I had the privilege of being amongst a select group invited to Fuller’s brewery to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their Fine Ale Club.

Guller's Beer

The event included a guided tasting with their Master Brewer and we got to sample some great beers.

They are all 10/10 so I have ranked them in the order of my preference.

1. Brewer’s Reserve

2. Gales Prize Old Ale

3. Vintage Ale 2005

4. Vintage Ale 1999

6. London Porter

7. 1845

8. ESB

9 Vintage Ale 2009

10. London Pride

11. Discovery

I’ve one more beer to try from the evening – we were each given a bottle of a one-off special beer brewed specifically for the occasion. Apparently limited to just 100 bottles. I plan to keep it a few years before opening it.

.Fuller's Fine Ale Club

The highlights were definitely the Top 3

Vintage Ale 2005 – Beautifully rounded taste and clearly demonstrates the benefits of age when compared to it’s younger sibling

Gales Prize Old Ale – An old friend I haven’t tasted for more than 20 years – Definitely different to the original Gales Brewery version, but still very special.

Brewer’s Reserve – Like no beer I have ever tasted – the flavour from the Malt Whisky Barrels give it a unique and very special taste.

The whole evening was most enjoyable – the brewery is run by people who are passionate about beer.