Isle of Wight – Day 2

Awoke to a greeted by clear sky and a hot sun.

After tucking into the biggest breakfast I’ve ever seen, I headed out for the first of the day’s planned trips.

Alum Bay

I parked in the Needles Park at Alum Bay – a very tacky and tiny theme park – mostly closed as it was out of season.

Had a nasty cup of tea in the nasty restaurant, which seemed stuck in another time, and then headed away from this blot on the landscape, to the coastal path above the bay

Alum Bay

This was a pleasant walk eventually reaching the Old Battery at the Needles.

Needles Old BatteryNeedles Old BatteryNeedles Old BatteryNeedles Old Battery

A very interesting place to explore with the added bonus that it is in an excellent position to view the Needles.

The Needles

After walking back to the car, I took the south coastal road back to Bembridge. On the way I stopped off at Freshwater


Then a bit further on I stopped at this dodgy place for an ice cream

Compton Bay

Then a walk from Chale to St Catherine’s Oratory


Throughout the day, I was driving though spectacular countryside – very nice.