High Force, Egglestone Abbey and Tees Rail Walk

Last day so minimal driving today ahead of the trip home tomorrow.

With the complete lack of rain in recent weeks I was prepared for High Force to be a bit of a disappointment, but fortunately it still managed to put on a spectacular display.

High Force

Egglestone Abbey is an unmanned site owned by English Heritage, so this is usually a sign that there won’t be too much to see. However, the Abbey is a quite substantial ruin and the surrounding area is great for a walk along the River Tees.
Egglestone AbbeyRiver Tees at Egglestone Abbey

To end the holiday, a walk along the route of the disused Tees Railway Line that passes within a couple of hundred meters of the cottage.

Tees Rail WalkTees Rail Walk

Finally, here is view of the village of Mickleton, where I stayed for the week.