Newquay Fish Festival

I visited this last year and was glad that my visit to Newquay this year, coincided with the festival.

Newquay Fish Festival

Once again I was able to eat mackerel fillets that had been freshly smoked in a makeshift smoker built out of an old filing cabinet.

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Windermere and the Folly of Trying to Visit Hill Top

I decided to spend the whole day around Windermere. Having parked at Lakeside, I purchased a freedom of the lake ticket that allows you to use all the boat trips on the lake as many times as you like over a 24 Hr period.


The day started out very wet with the promise of sunny spells later. I planned the following;

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Lakeland Motor Museum

This was a lot better than I anticipated and possibly even better than Beaulieu.

Lakeland Motor Museum

It’s very well laid out and they have a lot of exhibits.

Coniston to Tarn Hows via Monk Coniston

I usually drive to Tarn Hows and then walk around the lakes. Today, I walked there from Coniston.

Tarn Hows

It had stopped raining, but there was a lot of flooding, but this is an idea walk as much of it is through woodland. It’s a circular walk and it’s uphill all the way there, but downhill all the way back.

Jodrell Bank

When I was little I had a jigsaw puzzle of the British Isles. Right in the middle was a picture of the Jodrell Bank Lovell Radio Telescope. I always wanted to see it but didn’t think it was open to the public. Then, last month I was reading an article in a magazine about the telescope and the visitor centre, and I realised I would be passing nearby on my way up to my holiday in the Lake District.

Jodrell Bank Lovell Telescope

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Summer Holiday 2011 Day 15 – Going Home via Exeter

Time to say goodbye to Cornwall and head home. I’m still on holiday, so included a visited to Exeter on the way.