Visit Wales?

You may have seen the recent TV adverts from the Welsh Assembly, ‘Holidays Unpackaged’, well I’ve just returned from a holiday and Wales, so how do they compare to reality.

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iPhone 3GS review

I finally switched to the iPhone when the new model, the 3GS, was released on the 19 June. My main requirement was not the phone but the data capabilities. I also wanted it to replace my existing iPod Classic.

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Apple iWork 08 Review – Wrong Numbers

I had high hopes as Apple finally added a spreadsheet to the iWork suite. As a long time user of Microsoft Excel (since version 2), I know that even now I only use a fraction of Excel’s features (though still a lot more than most). It shouldn’t have been hard for Apple to provide a usable entry level spreadsheet application, but somehow they have managed to fail.

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Sony RHT-G800 Theatre Stand System Review

I been living with the stand for a little over a week so I thought it was time to post a review. It’s an all in one A/V Amp and stand with 7 speakers built in which are configured to create a full surround sound field.


Starting with delivery – be prepared – it comes fully assembled in one box. This is very heavy (59 kilos) and very large – the box is about 50% bigger than the unit. Aside from putting the glass top on and setting the height for the adjustable shelf – it is ready to go, right out of the box.

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I’ve Joined the World of HD

After a few years waiting for the technology to mature a bit, I’ve finally taken the plunge and purchased an HDTV, and new Surround Theatre System and a HD-DVD drive.


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First Impressions – Sony Ericsson K800i Phone

UPDATE 11 Sept 2007.?? I noticed that quite a few people have been reading this review so I thought it is important that I provide this update.?? I no longer use this phone – it’s unusable because the the little joystick became increasingly sensitive to the point where it is impossible to select any thing from the menu.?? This started happening after only a month of use.?? Reading elsewhere this seems to be a common problem – AVOID. END OF UPDATE

With all the recent short trips I have been taking recently, I had been using my Nokia 6230i to take photographs. It’s relatively basic camera was not really up to the task so I had three options:

  1. Take my main Camera, Lumix DMC-FZ30, but that’s far to big too lug around on these trips
  2. Buy a second, pocket size camera, but then I still end up carrying two devices.
  3. Get a phone with a proper camera.

So option 3 it was, and from a short list of two, 3 megapixel camera phones, I choose the Sony Ericsson K800i over the Samsung D900.


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Headphone Review

My trusty old headphones recently started to act up – a loose connection somewhere. Time to find a replacement!

My quest to find the perfect headphone has been a long one – I commute on the train for 2-3 hours everyday and listen to music during the journey

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