Dover Castle & The White Cliffs

Finally, the weather was good enough to justify the 200 mile round trip.

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First up, Dover Castle. It’s a huge site comprising the Medieval Castle, Roman Lighthouse and WW2/ Napoleonic Tunnels. At present only about 10% of the tunnels are open and they are pretty bear. The tour guide estimates that it will be around 10 years before they can open the lower levels. The tunnel tour last about 40 minutes, 15 minutes of which are watching a video about them. The lighthouse is, well, just a nice stone tower.

And then finally the castle. The best thing about this castle should have been the views offered from the roof. Unfortunately, access was closed and no explanation given. It looked like the battlements in the surrounding wall had a one time been accessible, but again, access was closed with no explanation. I’ve visited many castles, mostly in Wales – this was poor by comparison.
Despite the above, the site is still worth a visit. Overall, the site is good for a 3 hour visit – with enough money spent on opening up the inaccessible areas and enhancing them , it could easily be a full day.

Close by, the National Trust have a visitor centre you can use as a base to explore the famous white cliffs.