Trip to The British Museum

British Museum

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This was my first ever visit to the British Museum. As with The Natural History Museum, the thing that stands out is the architecture. the outside it grand and impressive, but that is nothing compared to the inside, Great Court.

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The Museum is very well laid out, probably the best so far. There are very few dead ends and each room is clearly numbered which makes it very easy to follow the guide maps.

I had a preconception of a very Egyptian themed museum, with lots of mummies and sarcophagi. This isn’t the case and in fact the Egypt section only accounts for around 10% of the floor-space – I only found one mummy!

The exhibits are all very well laid out and displayed – there’s enough there to keep your attention for a whole day.

I also have to mention the Souvenir Guide. For £6, you get a very comprehensive and high quality guide book – Extremely good value for money. It also include the maps of the exhibits

As with all museum I have visited, there are areas closed off for changes; this used to annoy me a little, but I’ve come to accept this as a necessary aspect of museum life, and it’s also a good excuse for a re-visit.

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