Yorkshire – Day 1, York and Saltwick

This is the first day of my short holiday in Yorkshire – my first real visit to the north of England.
I visited the National Rail Museum in York where they have a mini version on the London Eye wheel!


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Unfortunately, there is not too much to see from the wheel – you get a view of York Railway Station and you can see the Abbey – but that’s about it. I get a better view out of the window at work.
The museum, however, is well worth a visit (and I’m not a train spotter!) – It’s huge with plenty to see. They is also a very good restaurant placed on one of the”Platforms”. Entry is free, but if you use their car park, it ??7 a day.

On more than one occasion though, I found myself questioning why I was there – I spend 12 hours a week on a train and hate every second – what am I doing spending the first day of my holiday sitting in a carriage on the Japanese Bullet train, watching a video.

I ended the day at my holiday accommodation – a caravan it Saltwick Bay – on the east coast of England, near Whitby. It’s very well located, a 2 minute walk to the beach, and on 20 minutes along the cliff path to Whitby – It’s looking good for the rest of the week.