Yorkshire – Day 4, Lunch with Bryan Adams

Another fine day but I need some provisions so it was off to the nearest big town – Scarborough. I didn’t stay too long because I had other things planned, but it looks like a place you could spend a whole day.

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Next – Nunnington Hall – It’s one of those place with annoyingly late opening hours – 13:00. There are gardens that open an hour earlier – but you only need five minutes to see them all. As you can probably guess – I wasn’t particularly impressed. About 5/10.

And next, Rievaulx Abbey – a ruin much like Whitby Abbey (see Day 1) only much bigger. 8/10.


Finally, Rievaulx Terrace – a piece of land high up on the hill, built for the views over the surrounding countryside and also the Abbey Below – another 8/10.


Oh and Bryan Adams was having lunch on the table next to mine in Nunnington Hall – Apparently he’s a photographer as well as a singer.