Yorkshire – Day 5, Now I’m a Twitcher!

Day one I was worried that I was behaving a bit like a Train Spotter – today, I found myself Bird Spotting.


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The weather forecast indicated that this could be the last day of sun, and that the best of it was to be found south of where I was staying. I therefore headed for Bempton Cliffs – an RSPB nature reserve.

Despite the bird association – Bempton Cliffs are actually a very nice stretch of majestic coast that just happens to be the largest mainland gannetry in Britain. It’s a very pleasant walk, marred only by swarms of flies – not quite on the biblical proportions of day 3, but still very annoying.


Next, further south to Bridlington; much like Whitby and Scarborough – this is a traditional seaside town – but successfully avoiding the the tackiness of somewhere like Paignton or (I imagine), Blackpool. I took boat trip along the coast to Flamborough – it was a this point the sun decided to go into hiding, which resulted in a very cold voyage and bland views.


I did, finally manage to sample what must me a Yorkshire delicacy (as I keep seeing them), a hot roast pork sandwich (actually a bap) with stuffing and apple sauce – very tasty.

(Oh, and I don’t really think I’ve turned into a twitcher – I haven’t started wearing a silly hat, I haven’t grown a Bill Oddie beard and I haven’t started carrying a camera with lens that is bigger than a paparazzi’s.)