Go to Gaol

Bodmin Gaol is one of those places that you keep seeing advertised but something tells you that it is probably best avoided. Well it is so close to where I am staying, I had to give it a go – I wish I had listened to my instinct!

Bodmin Gaol

It’s been partly converted to a bar and restaurant – You pay the entrance fee at the bar and enter the gaol trough the back of one of the bars which is on the 3rd story. There is nothing to see on this floor and the first staircase only goes up. On the upper two floors there is also nothing to see – you have access to a short stretch of corridors on each of these levels the cell doors are all lock shut and are being used as store rooms for the bar. There is a second staircase that services all five floors – thankfully the bottom two floors do offer something for you money. They are quite extensive and the is a story attached to each cell. The keep the light levels very low, which is just as well as a flash photo of the mannequins in the cells shows

.Bodmin Gaol

After the Gaol – spent the afternoon on the Beach at Porrthcothan.


I spotted this beach whilst I was using Google earth – there is a strange hole in the cliffs that I wanted to investigate.

Porthcothan Hole

Anyway – it turned out to be yet another outstanding beach.