Visit Wales?

You may have seen the recent TV adverts from the Welsh Assembly, ‘Holidays Unpackaged’, well I’ve just returned from a holiday and Wales, so how do they compare to reality.

Well, in the main very well.

The good:

  • Great Beaches
  • Good Roads
  • Fantastic Mountains
  • Spectacular Valleys

The Bad – The adverts make a big thing of the great food in Wales and the Michelin stared restaurants, but unfortunately, the reality appear to be very different. Wales seems to be stuck in the dark ages when it comes to food. Over the past two weeks I visited over 30 locations across Wales, in each I was was looking to eat, and willing to pay the price for good food but almost without exception I failed.

The whole nation’s cuisine seems to revolve around burgers, all day breakfasts, lasagne and fish ‘n chips. Where I expected to see signs advertising “Fresh Local Fish”, “Local lamb” etc – all I saw were things like “Eat for only £2.50”, “cheapest burgers in town” etc.

Oh and the burgers! A bun with just a slab of minced beef is not really raising the bar very high folks! How about a bit of salad at the very least?

Now cheap food has a place – there are many people holidaying on a limited budget – but the budget food seems to have taken over – I’m sure there are some good places to eat, but they must be really well hidden.