Devon Via Leeds and Longleat

I had a few days holiday remaining so I booked a long weekend in Devon. Not wishing to waste any of the valuable time off, and to minimise the car miles, I decided that I would start on the Thursday evening and stay in a hotel for the first night.

On Thursday I happened to have a meeting in Leeds that I had to attend so I drove from my home in Sussex to Leeds (5 hours), attended the meeting and then drove down to a hotel in Radstock, Somerset. (5 hours). This left me in the perfect position to start my Holiday on Friday – just a few miles from Longleat.


I wanted to visit Longleat for a long time but usually the only times I was in the area, was on a Saturday, and I didn’t fancy the crowds. So a Friday, at the end of the summer, was ideal.


For a fairly modest sum (around £23) you get a very full days worth of attractions. The whole place is very slickly orgainised and of a very high standard.

We chose to begin with the Safari Park – This includes Lions, Tigers and Wolves – normally you would also see the Monkeys and Deer but both these parts of the park were closed. One monkey appears to have herpes and the deer are rutting – it would have been nice to have seen these too, but didn’t detract from the rest of the experience.

Tiger at LongleatLion at LongleatWolf at LongleatGorilla ay Longleat

After the Park, there are lots more attractions. I only managed a few before I had to head off to Devon.

The Lake Cruse, where you see the Sea Lions, Gorilla and Hippos.

The House – as good a stately home as you will find

The Maze – Amazing – Really – it’s huge and difficult.

Sealion at LongleatMaze at LongleatLongleat