Longleat Revisitied

On the way back from my visit to Bristol yesterday, I revisited Longleat. I last visited some 18 months ago and a few things were closed (the Monkeys has some disease and the Deers were rutting!) so I thought a revisit would be worthwhile.The first thing that has changed is the entrance, It is some miles away from where it was last time and as a result, there is a long drive before you reach the Safari Park.
LongleatThe good news is that the Monkey and Deer sections were now open.


A full album of photo are available here

The big change from last time was the “Hunters of the Sky” Birds of Prey show. This was almost worth the park entrance fee on it’s own. I was expecting a couple of birds flying to and from their handler, but there was so much more. A dozen or more birds in the sky at any one time, swooping low over the audiences heads. Other birds demonstrating their intelligence by turning over rocks and going down fake rabbit holes. Along with a very interesting commentary by one of the handlers.


The demonstration is put on my the Hawk Convervancy Trust with the aim of promoting their work. I’ll definitely be playing them a visit on my next trip down the A303.

Their website is Hawk Convervancy Trust.