Longleat Revisitied

On the way back from my visit to Bristol yesterday, I revisited Longleat. I last visited some 18 months ago and a few things were closed (the Monkeys has some disease and the Deers were rutting!) so I thought a revisit would be worthwhile.The first thing that has changed is the entrance, It is some miles away from where it was last time and as a result, there is a long drive before you reach the Safari Park.
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Bristol – Brunel Walk

I decided to visit Bristol and see what it was like. My only previous experience of the city was the view of the industrial estates from the M5 and from various business trips to Aztec West over the years. So I had a fairly dim view of the place but I have also been meaning to visit it just to see the Clifton Suspension Bridge, so I planned a day out.

I downloaded a walk from the internet and started off at Temple Meads where there is a statue of Isambard Kingdom Brunel

Isambard Kingdom Brunel

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Newquay Fish Festival

I visited this last year and was glad that my visit to Newquay this year, coincided with the festival.

Newquay Fish Festival

Once again I was able to eat mackerel fillets that had been freshly smoked in a makeshift smoker built out of an old filing cabinet.

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Windermere and the Folly of Trying to Visit Hill Top

I decided to spend the whole day around Windermere. Having parked at Lakeside, I purchased a freedom of the lake ticket that allows you to use all the boat trips on the lake as many times as you like over a 24 Hr period.


The day started out very wet with the promise of sunny spells later. I planned the following;

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Lakeland Motor Museum

This was a lot better than I anticipated and possibly even better than Beaulieu.

Lakeland Motor Museum

It’s very well laid out and they have a lot of exhibits.

Coniston to Tarn Hows via Monk Coniston

I usually drive to Tarn Hows and then walk around the lakes. Today, I walked there from Coniston.

Tarn Hows

It had stopped raining, but there was a lot of flooding, but this is an idea walk as much of it is through woodland. It’s a circular walk and it’s uphill all the way there, but downhill all the way back.