Milan and Turin

I’m in Italy on business – Milan first, then Turin.


I flew over late Wednesday arriving in Milan around 09:30 – about an hour late. Despite Hertz saying they would hold my car for at least an hour after my flight landed – they hadn’t and I had to settle for a lesser vehicle. Not a good start.

Late night was not the best time to be introduced to Milan’s crazy roads and to be driving on the wrong side of the road. No lane markings, and traffic lights at every intersection (approx. 200 metres apart). Anyway, as I was working I didn’t get to see anything more of Milan than the appalling traffic and I was glad to leave.

Next week I am working in Turin so I stayed in Italy over the weekend. Thankfully I planned to move to Turin on Saturday rather than stay in Milan. Turin still has crazy roads, but it is a far more pleasant place.

I’m staying in Le Meridien Lingotto which is located in the former Fiat factory – very nice with unique rooms and there is even a large shopping centre situated in the same building.

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Day two and after the 300 mile journey yesterday, I was not going to drive too far.

Last time I visited the area I took the train up to the top of Snowdon.  What I didn’t realise then was how much more there was locally.  This time I visited the Padarn Country Park at the foot of the mountain.

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