Fal Weather

Took a boat trip up-river from Falmouth to Truro today. The deep river is being used to store around 20 large container ships that would normally be used to transport cars, but that are currently surplus to requirements because of the current state of the economy.

SatNav Thrill Ride

I knew that the major roads were not the most direct route so I hit (for the first time) the “Detour” button on the SatNav.This immediately diverted me onto some lesser roads and it was not long before it was telling to turn onto roads I would never normally consider.Soon I was directed down the narrowest roads I have ever driven on – so narrow, that it I were to have broken down, I would have been trapped as it would have been impossible to open the doors!…. This time I took a boat up the river Fal to Truro.This was a much more interesting trip and the best way to see Truro.

Return to Eden

The main change, as expected, was the addition of the Core – a worthy contribution to the site.Hows within the Core is a gigantic grannie sculpture, called the seed.Not much has changed other than that…. The next big change will be the “Edge” – the early sketches of the building look spectacular but I guess it will be 2-3 years before it is completed.Also, as I was passing though, I stopped off in Turo, As expected, it was just another town – good for shopping, but nothing else going for it.